"We call on the European Commission to promote the dissemination of Free Software filter technologies"

@fsfe , SRSLY???

Why not free/libre/open-source DRM, free/libre/open-source tracking, profiling and predictive algorithm, free/libre/open-source drone strikes, while we're at it? What a disgrace :(

@jz @fsfe If I had the choice between proprietary upload filters controlled by the GAFAM monopolists, and upload filters which are #FreeSoftware and have transparent algorithms, I'd choose the latter. What about you?


@mxmehl @fsfe I will NEVER accept filters! I think doing so is collaborating with oppression.

It is an idiotic false dichotomy: "you're either with us or with the terrorists." good or bad censor?

Now and forever against ALL form of censorship!!!

Information must be free, as for ou our capacity to live, be and organize together.

Otherwise it's obscurantism and authoritarianism. I am so shocked. I guess getting after getting Google &Microsoft money, it probably is some form of continuity..?

Maybe go and read the rest of the post. Filters will be mandatory. No ifs or buts about it. So FSFE is trying to make the best out of shit situation. You can have your revolution and resistance all you want, but its ultimately going to be worthless in the face of a law.
@mxmehl @fsfe

FSFE is trying to sell themselves as heroes when they fucking lost lol
@jz @mxmehl @fsfe

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