was so amazing! Again best Congress ever!

So beautiful, fun and smart! So many issues about big, cold, empty venue were fixed beautifully! Komona village! that Disco! Wow!

Feels so empowering to belong to such a smart bunch of people, caring for each other, nurturing our diversity through learning and sharing! Steady increase in proportion of women, queer &non-binary people confirms we're doing it right!

Thanks to everyone who was part of making it happen! <3

See you at Camp! <3

@jz It was my first. Had a lot of [not only] sensory issues the first couple of days but also had a mentor. Autistic herself, she got it and we caught up a handful of times to talk strategies etc. She also put me in touch with a couple of people. Thanks then due to the angels, mentors, and other support staff. It's such structures make the difference for all of us who are variously different.

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