I started looking into #XMPP clients with end-to-end-encryption support. First one was #Gajim, with its "charming" 90s messenger style. Encryption isn't the default here however, no progress on the corresponding issue. dev.gajim.org/gajim/gajim-plug

Next one was #Dino which looks better but expects knowledge of things like #XMPP identifiers without providing any explanation when something is wrong (yes, version 0.1). Here as well, encryption isn't the default. At least the discussions are younger. github.com/dino/dino/issues/84

I did not bother installing #Psi/Psi+ any more. These messengers still try hard to imitate the ICQ client as well as contemporary IRC clients. Judging by discussions, encryption is not only not default, there are issues enabling it at all. Encrypting files is unsupported.

Maybe #Conversations and its forks are good #XMPP clients. From what I've read there should be solid end-to-end encryption enabled by default. But it's only one client on one platform. And other clients have wildly inconsistent encryption support, same issue as with #Matrix.


@WPalant well at least, gets a good official client across 3+ platforms. Encryption should be enabled by default by now ? (That's a supposition, it's been a while since I last followed dev news, but it sure was a hot topic some months ago)

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@WPalant too bad, uses a bit too much battery on phones I tested it on -- granted they were flavour. I still have it on my phone, mainly to connect to
(irony aside), but with every bit of autosync disabled when the app is not in the foreground.
I prefer the usage and look'n'feel of Conversations for family chatting
/end of story'o'me'life

@jiefk Yes, so far Riot still shows most potential despite the shortcomings. And I'm explicitly not saying "Matrix" because as of now there is no real selection of usable and secure clients.

Will continue looking but I have little hope to still find a good Signal replacement.

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