is going to measure global progress and share translation memories:

this is an outcome for the Linux ecosystem, it allow to measure the community progress and make translators more efficient ♥️

it is a first step of a long path to support open source translators

@jibec Sounds good! Is this going to be similar, in terms of experience for translators, to the statistics and translation memories that translators have had for over a decade at

well, from what I understand, Translate wiki is the mechanism allowing to ease translation inside a wiki. It offers easy follow up of work.

as i understand it, it plays the role of internationalization framework and translation platform.

here, I'll produce aggregated stats by lang, but you'll have to go to upstream projects to do translation. No user interface will allow direct translation. Is it what you meant?

@jibec Ok. I like the idea of incremental improvements without having to change the entire workflow!

So the users will be able to download the translation memory and use it in e.g. Lokalize?

@nemobis btw, I haven't found how to download all translation memory from Translatewiki. This page looks like to be focused on one project + one language:

do you know another way to extract these data?

@jibec There are several ways, not necessarily convenient depending on what you want to do. In 2015 we tried this with KDE:

More recently the ContentTranslation extension produces some dumps (that's content mostly):

At you see some work going on. If you need more API or dump access, I'd suggest to file a request in Phabricator with your requirements, it might turn out to be easier than you think.

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