@carl Testing testing.

An improved enhancement would be to have an embeddable comment text box within the blog post itself!

@subins2000 This is a lot more complex since the text box will depend on your server and you will need to log into your account.


you can do this without javascript by loading in data folder and using it in publication.
If you rebuild you website once a day, it does the work.

@fluffy @subins2000 @jibec Basically the idea from Jean-Baptiste is to use Hugo capability to load a json to render the comments statically. It's a nice idea but then you need to setup a corn job building the website hourly or daily.

@carl @subins2000 @jibec thanks, i have been meaning to set something like this up and it will be helpful!

here is the code, look at the python script.
what deacribed carl is correct.
My implementation is quite minimalist (as a non dev, it took me quite some time to understand it from a javascript implementation)
yes, i have a daily script running. Making it faster isn't really needed for my usecase, anyway, the build script takes a few second, no big deal
@subins2000 @carl

@jibec @carl @subins2000 this is so damn neat I am now tempted to add comments to a static site I am building. Thank you for this!

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