Oh great. A macOS update.

It's a minor update that has already been going for 40 mins. Says it has 30 left.

Why does anybody put up with this horseshit?

"Windows 10 takes 30 minutes to update. What could it possibly be doing for that long? That much time is enough to fully format my SSD drive, download a fresh build and install it like 5 times in a row."

Yeah? Well macOS takes over an hour sometimes. Linux and BSD? A few minutes at most.

I swear nothing makes me less productive than having to work with a sodding MacBook. Christ.


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This assumption probably is wrong. In my experience, fedora upgrade takes at least an hour, with optic fiber, ssd and 8 cores.
Daily updates are indeed fast (but we can troll by saying their are mostly useless for users).

@jibec I have found Fedora getting worse with its double restart (particularly annoying with full disk encryption). But none of the systems I use day to day have that problem. Then again, I always use rolling release distros or things like FreeBSD which have very low rates of downtime.

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