OK, so I know Windows isn’t perfect but I would expect Linux to be perfect (in part i’m sarcastic)

Why is the files app not opening?
Why are extensions turning on/off randomly?
Why do I get lag spikes that I didn’t have on Windows?
Why does shit go fullscreen / out of screen at random?
Why does YouTube.com/TV keep the monitor awake even if the device is locked? Just make my monitor go into sleep mode, don’t hold it hostage.

+ so many more

@mistermantas the difference is with GNU/Linux you can actually find a developer to fix each of these things(or if you are a dev, fix yourself). Windows you're SOL. Keep the list, document the faults as you find them. What distro?

@jeffcliff Find a developer? Uh, who, exactly? I’m not gonna bother to send in some bug report on an ancient forum. GitHub maybe, but that’ll get lost in the sea. Or the community just rejects it.

Ubuntu+GNOME 16.04 LTS

@mistermantas Who exactly? Do you have a local hackerspace? wiki.hackerspaces.org/

'ancient forum' 16.04 LTS means that bugs should be reported to launchpad.net using 'ubuntu-bug'.

There's a lot of open bugs on launchpad, including some I'm working on...but once you've reported each of these bugs, at least they can be triaged by ubuntu devs themselves & referred to by any dev you find.


> local hackerspace
in this fucking village? no 😂😂😂

> reporting to launchpad.net
Great, should be much easier than this though. Add a fuckin’ report a bug panel or some shit.

> ubuntu devs
btw this may not even be ubuntu’s fault but gnome’s. i’m too stupid to tell

@mistermantas > btw this may not

launchpad is a place to track upsteam bugs. if it's an gnome bug can will be marked that way and dealt with upstream, but it can also be dealt with at the ubuntu level. Either way, launchpad is there for you.

as far as 'ubuntu-bug should be easier to use by being a panel' that sounds like a great idea and should be your first bug report if you can be precise about what you mean. Like maybe something in the 'You and your computer' menu?

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@jeffcliff in the taskbar. or in settings, that would be perfect.

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