@eurasierboy Hey, I don't receive notifications on my phone. Notifications are enabled both in the app and in the settings. Does your push server is down? Thanks

@j0k Sometimes Amaroq's notification servers belch, and miss a registration or two. Don't panic! Just force-quit your app and restart it. This should re-register you. If notifications continue to not work, make sure you have background refreshing enabled, as the notifications are actually created locally in the background. If you then still have issues, I'm afraid there's something wrong with your instance. Contact your admin and have them make sure their stream API is functional.

@eurasierboy is it a requirement to be running in background refreshing to enable push? I usually don't enable background at all.
Is it because it's more easy that way? Is it planned to not use it?
Thanks again for your reply!

@j0k you are correct, because the notification you see is actually created from a local background operation, via a silent push notification. The reasoning is to keep the notification content private, this way the notification server doesn't ever see any of a user's content. The added benefit is that my server doesn't have to take on the load of processing content across the entire fediverse 😅


@eurasierboy this is a reasonable choice (both for the privacy and your server). Thanks for explaining.
The little downside is that it might eat a bit more battery from the user phone, I guess.

@j0k I've tried to use Tumblr/Facebook as my baseline for battery conservation, which is an incredibly low bar lol...
A small factor that works in your phone's favor is that all silent notifications are sent at a lower priority, based on some form of dark magic in Apple's APNS for maximum battery conservation

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