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Added the book sharing tracking service, to the list of Goodreads alternatives!

Your friends and communities are your best library. A service to share physical books with your friends and communities.

It is now possible again to upload images. Some of the previously uploaded images remain temporarily unavailable, but should be back during the next week

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due to a fire in a data center where we have our Object Storage , some images (book covers, user and group pictures) might not be available and none can be uploaded: inventory/data imports should preferably be postponed to another day (at least 2 or 3? hard to know at the moment), to avoid getting image-related errors

It is now possible to subscribe to the feed of shelves

As for full inventories and groups RSS feeds, to find the feed URL, you can add .rss at the end of the shelf URL, for instance

Bonne nouvelle!
Inventaire a récemment signé un engagement pour recevoir des dons de NLNet (, une organisation qui finance la recherche et le développement de logiciel libre et opensource.
Ils ont décidé de nous soutenir et nous nous en réjouissons !
Plus de détails sur le travail à effectuer :

Good news!
Inventaire recently signed an agreement to receive donations from NLNet (, an organisation which funds research and development of opensource software.
They decided to support inventaire and that's great!
More details on what we agreed to work on:

[] heavy database operations ongoing (following the server is likely to be quite laggy for the following hour will not be available tonight from 21:00 (CET) (in 10mins) until tomo 6:00 (CET) for maintenance.

Bis movement going on under the hood ;) will not be available tonight from 21:00 (CET) (in 10mins) until tomo 6:00 (CET) for maintenance.

Bis movement going on under the hood ;)

Import des derniers livres dans @inventaire

L'export CSV est relativement pratique (une fois mouliné avec Rainbow CSV/RBQL), pour vérifier si j'ai bien ajouté certains livres dans la collection.

From the developer point of view, if you were using your cookies for request authentication, you will need to renew them periodically.

That is, until we can provide OAuth tokens instead, see

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All session just got invalidated to switch to a new cookie session system: shorter cookie life, stronger signature algorithm (sha1 was replaced by sha256) and key rotation

From the user point of view, that means you will need to re-login next time you access the service, and then once in a while (every 6 months by default) is now powered by ! Drop us an email if you feel like contributing to it.

[client code update]

the CoffeeScript=>ES6 // brunch=>webpack // CommonJS=>ESM mega-branch has been merged to master, and is now in prod 🎉

Please report if you see anything behaving in an undesired way :)

Also, for those who were waiting for the end of CoffeeScript to get started on the client code, now is a good time!

Suis en train de participer aux "Confin'Ateliers - novice ou expert, contribuez au libre" sur l'atelier "Inventaire" sur @inventaire animé sur @jums & @maxlath

J'ai contribué quelques correction sur la base, ainsi que sur wikidata.

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