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Ok j'ai voulu ENFIN tester Inventaire et c'est super simple 🤩 Compte crée et deux bouquins ajoutés en 2 minutes ! Merci @inventaire ! 📕📙

The Inventaire & OpenData week begins in just under 3 weeks! There is still space for a few more people...

Books, free software and #opendata are friends 📖 💻 🔓 is the platform which brings them together.

This event will be for working on the platform, introducing opendata and reading/discussing books 😉

Since it's being hosted at Kanthaus, you'll also get a taste of zero-waste, communal living (in picture) 🏠 ♻️

More info & sign-up:

@pschwede @inventaire Looks very interesting. Especially since it is built on top of #WikiData. I'm planning on indexing my library anyway. I just do not have enough shelves at the moment. Btw: I do not own KybernEthik. It was lent to me by Schlomo some time ago. #WikiDienstag #OpenData #Inventaire #Library #Bücher #Bibliothek

I'm not sure if I come to @inventaire & OpenData Week from the 18th to the 25th of July at Kanthaus (Germany). Will it be streamed?

@inventaire makes it easier to add and edit books on wikidata. Thank you 🙇🏻‍♂️

we now have more contacts on than on birdsite \o/

Attention lovers of books 📚 developers of software 💻 and enthusiasts of #opendata! 🔓

You are invited to the first Inventaire & OpenData Week from the 18th to the 25th of July at Kanthaus (Germany) 🎉 is the Free book platform made by and for book lovers. It uses and contributes to #Wikidata, building our data commons 🌐

No charge. You don't need to be a dev, just enthusiastic. See you there?

More info & sign-up:

Inventaire on fediverse: @inventaire

Wikibase and the German National Library : "We will successively import entity types selected from the existing GND into the new [Wikibase] instances"

#wmhack: many translations of @inventaire are incomplete, would you like to help? you are welcome to join us table 7 (Gallery), so we can help you getting started with the translation tool! #inventaireio #libre #booksharing #wikidata

[ ] Après avoir boycotté car ils refusent de mettre en place le simple export de liste, je pense mettre toute ma bibliothèque sur @inventaire.

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