users and entities activities can now be followed from the !

Some examples of followable actors:
- a user: @Georges
- an author: @wd-Q46248
- a serie: @inv-083c773e8b26776230e40657fdfadeb9
- a publisher: @wd-Q3213929
- a publisher collection: @inv-582c0644d0a9c06d4758deb86d49ff1e

This is the result of our first experiments with : let us know if you find it useful!

Learn more:

@inventaire doesn't seem to be working for me. I'm on a Pleroma instance instead of Mastodon, though I don't see why that would matter.

Love the idea though. Have wanted something like this for a long time and didn't even realize it.

@keelancook what is working and what is not? (some part we already know 😅 )

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