Do you know anyone interested in getting paid to improve #diversity in a Free Software project? Boost appreciated!

@fedeproxy, a new Free Software project for #forge #federation published a request for proposal today. If you have some expertise on fostering diversity in Free Software communities, this is your chance to make a difference, at a very early stage. And maybe set a good example for the thousands of other Free Software projects in the same situation.

@dachary Excellent idea! Maybe try to contact Isabelle Collet? She's an expert on that topic and she might be the best person to know who to recommend for that offer.

@imacrea thanks for the idea! I did not know about her, she seems indeed very knowledgeable on this topic 👍


@dachary With pleasure. Her book "Les Oubliées du Numérique" is really good. And to familiarize with her work there's also this good episode :

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