When I see @dansup “not recommend”-ing the #Yunohost #Pixelfed installer, I’m reminded that I always wonder whether Yunohost should be pronounced “Why you no host” or “You no host” ... one of the great mysteries of the universe, I guess.
At least there won’t be someone calling you a heathen worthy of death if you choose the wrong pronunciation.

@lnxw48a1 It seems like a cool project, I just can't recommend it until they fix that .env issue.

As someone else pointed out, if you disable registration and then update, it will set a default env with registration open and admins might not realize that.

@dansup @lnxw48a1 On the other hand if app devs would be working much closely with app packagers ... For apps like Nextcloud or federated projects or any complex apps, packagers spend days figuring all the small crazy details for the app to be working optimally :/

@yunohost @lnxw48a1 I don't have time to babysit app packagers. Its not recommended for production use.


@dansup @yunohost @lnxw48a1 I think you’re a bit hard here Dan by using the term « babysit ». This community is doing amazing work to help anybody start his/her own instance and it can really help push pixelfed by easing installation for everybody. It’s a ton a work saved on your side in exchange of a bit of help from you. I suggest you to think again about it 😚

@imacrea @yunohost @lnxw48a1 Yeah I was out of line saying that. I'm sorry @yunohost. I will do my best to improve documentation and work with app packagers and developers!

I really appreciate all the effort you are putting into packaging pixelfed to make it easier to install. Thank you.

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