Hi dear :) I’ll be at this weekend and I’d love to exchange with as much people I can who are involved in building a better internet for all. Think ActivityPub, federation, self-hosting, Solid, etc. I’m working on a project to help this movement. Please dm me, boost 🙏 @aral @eliotberriot @Framasoft @dada @pierreozoux @yunohost

@imacrea I'll be at #FOSDEM as well mostly at the LibreOffice booth but also with Kopano and NextCloud.
Come and say hello :-)
@aral @eliotberriot @Framasoft @dada @pierreozoux

@paolo @imacrea @aral @eliotberriot @dada @pierreozoux We (Framasoft members) won't attend FOSDEM this year, as it is, unfortunately, on the same week-end than our assembly.

@imacrea @aral @eliotberriot @Framasoft @dada @pierreozoux Hey, I'll be at FOSDEM and I have plans to start working a lot with Solid on the following months :)

@noeldemartin @aral @eliotberriot @Framasoft @dada @pierreozoux hello folks, I arrive tonight, let’s organize on direct message. And I’d be grateful if you could boost this message please, looking forward to meeting you all 🙌

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