Hi everybody, I’m looking for people to follow/discover who are working on free decentralized alternative to gafam. Any suggestion please? cc @aral @switchingsocial @dada @eliotberriot 🤗

@imacrea you can try following @Bat ( developer), there is also @dansup from Pixelfed, @kaniini who work on Pleroma, @Thib is also a Mastodon contributor :)


And then, there's also @lain, who works on Pleroma.

@matthew and @Amandine are both co-founders of Matrix.

@bjoern is a co-founder of the Free Software Foundation Europe and works on Nextcloud.

Moi :) avec PM on va organiser un crowdfunding en Mai, on peut se faire un call :)

Sinon, @gael

@imacrea @aral @switchingsocial @dada @eliotberriot

@imacrea We just started this new instance to create a community here in #Luxembourg that promotes #OpenSource alternatives to #GAFAM, both for personal and enterprise use.

Maybe we could be of some interest to you?

If you are nearby you could pop in at our next @PrivacySalonLux the 16th or we could meet at #FOSDEM if you are around.

@aral @switchingsocial @dada @eliotberriot

People to follow who are doing decentralised stuff Show more

Je sais pas si c'est ce que tu cherches mais mon employeur @Purism fait des ordinateurs éthiques et on est en train de développer un téléphone éthique. 😮
@aral @switchingsocial @dada @eliotberriot

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