Insights into Why Hyperbola GNU/Linux is Turning into Hyperbola BSD

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The comments below the article raise good questions, but ruin it by providing wrong answers.

(I neither use #Hyperbola #Linux nor contribute to #HyperbolaBSD).

Comment: HyperbolaBSD GPL'ed code reduces freedom, won't make it back to #OpenBSD.

What? They only want to rewrite ~20% of OpenBSD code, which isn't under 3-clause #BSD. OpenDSD won't need that code, because it already has the incumbent code. As for other code like #filesystems, OpenBSD won't need it either.


What is there to complain, unless #HyperbolaBSD developers make fixes (not changes) in shared code #GPL-licensed instead of offering it #BSD-licensed to upstream?

Comment: Their only difference seems to be "freedom", but forcing code changes to be GPL'ed gives user/developer less freedom.

Separate #user and #developer. Developers definitely have more freedom under BSD. The free/libre postulate is that the GPL is better for user #freedom: guaranteed freedom to vet the code.

gpl3 technicalities 


....why is the 4-clause bsd incompatible?

aren't you allowed to have "the names of the copyright holders can't be used for endorsement" as an "Additional Conditon" when building on a gpl3 work,
or do I have some things backwards

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