@globcoco I #ducked(#ddg/#duckduckgo) for "#Excalidraw" and I found a #Wikipedia page only later to find that it had been removed.

I also searched #Wikidata but no result was found.

If a software isn't too notable there are chances that it fits in Wikidata.

Here are the #WikidataNotabilityGuidelines(#WikidataNotability) based on the latest revision done in June 14, 2021:


Hello. I'm sorry but I don't understand. Are you answering a question of mine? And if yes, can you remind me? Thanks😅

@globcoco because I was among the users you notified I considered that I'd add something relevant to your comment about a software called #Excalidraw.

From your quote:
"As you mentioned there is etherpad but also excalidraw that does collaborative work. And I imagine one could create mindmaps with it."

This is the context which I interacted through. If you hadn't mentioned me I guess I'd continue doing whatever I was doing.


No that's fine😊 . Did you actually find what you were looking for?

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