After the news on firefox, I'm looking for ethical web browser and to my dismay, I can't find one that is not linked to microsoft or google.
What the heck!?

@globcoco Them laying of people does not alter the fact it is opensource afaik. I do understand the feeling but one could ask if that is a valid choice.

1. Waterfox
2. Chromium (yes, linked but oss)
3. Basilisk
4. Pale Moon
5. Brave
6. Dooble

When you want something really nice you could try links :-)

Yes it is open source but they have been partnering with microsoft and thus I wonder if it is good anymore. I use it right now but things can change.
I know all of the ones you mentioned but dooble I dont.
Btw, not all open source app or software is ethical...

PS : what do you mean by "When you want something really nice you could try links"?

Thanks for the names.


@globcoco links is a text base browser 🙂

When they work with MS they might simply work with the w3c org. They set the standards for all browsers.

B.t.w., MS is also submitting patches for the Linux kernel.


Nice, I'll look into this.

I know about MS but something in their approach is... not reassuring.

@globcoco True, but it is controlled and accessible in the code.

@globcoco If they change it they will have thousands of co writers on their neck, there is this license. You can simply fork it and move on when needed

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