Lot of talk about #Blogging going on here lately, and I'm loving it!

I decided to write a post about my blogging history (and yes, it does include a link to my first every blog that's still live!)



I have a question, how do you do when redesigning the look of your blog with the pictures you used before in your articles. The changes made from orange-purple to blue seemed to have changed the pictures too. that's why I asked 😋

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1. When you use pictures do you think about the colour schemes of your blog?
2. If yes, what do you do when you change the colours of your blog?
I hope I am clearer now😋

@globcoco ohhhhh I see. Sorry.

Yes, when I redesigned the sites, I changed the feature images too. It's a lot of work. :(

You may not have understood because of my french accent 🤣 !

I'm sure it is!
For now I am just thinking on how I can gently ease my way into blogging and give content to the people I want to help the most.

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