I've made a decision about The Meta Blog. You can read all about it (and my future plans) in this post.


#Blogging #100DaysToOffload

Nice post Kev. I really feel your energy bursting here! Love it!

By the way, that made me think about my own project. And a question pops into my head: Can't I grow as u said "organically" my blog and still manage to make it known?
Is it not what happened with your own personal site?
I would love if you could share how you did it.
Again, thanks a lot and kudos to you.

@globcoco yeah, you can certainly grow a site organically, it just takes a lot more time.

It's down to getting into good SEO routines and, honestly, being lucky with a few posts.

I've had a few posts hit the front page of Hacker News. That certainly helps.


Taking time is ok - maybe it's like permaculture: just have to take things slowly - although they also say that one needs begin small and to yield quickly - in an agile way...
You mentionned "good SEO routines", "being lucky w/ a few posts" (writing well might help also I'd think) & hitting "the front page of Hacker News" (which would be your hub → I'd need to define mine)...
Thanks a lot for your advice, Kev 😊

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