@eurasierboy the last iOS version of is nice. Hope you will translate it in French too. Do you use tools like to translate? If yes I can help for the French version.

@ginosanterre already got someone helping me with the French localization but thank you!! If you'd like to help fine tune it in the beta program once available you can email your Apple ID to :3

I've been tossing folks .xliff files, I'm not familiar with transifex but if it'll work with an xml file it'll work with .xliff 😅

@eurasierboy i will think about it. Transifex is more a collaboration tool for your translators. It's easy to collaborate on the same files and translate it in a lot of languages. They have translator and reviewers. It's fully automated. I know it support xml and .strings files. Not sure for .xliff.

@ginosanterre I'll give this a look. This first call for volunteers was rather adhoc and uncoordinated, so anything to make continuing improvements easier is pretty great 👍

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