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Beware of STRANGE: very sensible recommendations for increasing in animal studies.
📄 Webster & Rutz (2020) How STRANGE are your study animals? Nature 582:337–340

Interesting write-up about a paper on the social behaviour of flies.

"In this paper, we demonstrate that, in flies, the size of the group alters how the group as a whole behaves."


#Flies #Insects #Biology #Behaviour #Social

Ecological interactions between species are incredibly complex, but they also share striking similarities with the computer game . Recent success of deep learning in this game arouses interest in .
📄 Barbe et al (2020) Artificial intelligence accidentally learned ecology through video games. Trends in Ecology and Evolution 35:557–560

production by is expected to be balanced with even proportion of y-chromosome bearing (leading to son in ). This new study in shows that sperm can be tweaked in response to sexual competition.
📄 Firman et al. (2020) Sperm sex ratio adjustment in a mammal: perceived male competition leads to elevated proportions of female-producing sperm. Biology Letters 16:20190929

The vast majority of species has (right-handed) shell. individuals are extremely rare in snails. Here is a very nice citizen science project investigating the developmental origin of this . biology
📄 Davison et al. (2020) Internet ‘shellebrity’’ reflects on origin of rare mirror-image snails.’ Biology Letters 16:20200110

In front of puzzle boxes, wild cockatoo are as smart as captive ones, but far less interested in these lab toys.
📄 Rössler et al (2020) Using an Innovation Arena to compare wild-caught and laboratory Goffin’s cockatoos. Scientific Reports 10:1–12

Life span increases with social integration, a review based on long-term studies in mammals.
Snyder-Mackler et al. (2020) Social determinants of health and survival in humans and other animals. Science 368:eaax9553

Impressive underwater in : they produce sounds called "antennal rasps" which propagate over several hundreds meters.
📄 Jézéquel et al. (2020) Spiny lobster sounds can be detectable over kilometres underwater. Scientific Reports 10:1–11

thesis in behavioural ecology in , France. We are looking for candidates. Subject: Alternative reproductive tactics in structured populations of invasive fish species.

A new study of captive flamingoes found they prefer to hang out with their flaminbros, and some individuals could even be considered social butterflies.

"Some flock members avoided each other entirely and never crossed paths. A few even displayed signs of aggression when coming in close quarters with individuals they appeared to dislike." I get that

There is no frivolous question in : at last, the beautifully thorough investigation of the deformation induced by cooking of confined .
📄 Goldberg & O’Reilly (2020) Physical Review E 101:013001

Puppet master: when parasites manipulate the behaviour of their hosts. Our new meta-analysis on the subject. Congratulation to Marion for this nice work.
📄 Fayard et al(2020) Magnitude and direction of parasite-induced phenotypic alterations: a meta-analysis in acanthocephalans. Biological Reviews:brv.12606

Which animal scares you the most? Contribute to a serious worldwide scientific study about the relationship between Man and Nature. Kids are also invited to contribute (no ugly picture).

Are we constantly but subconsciously smelling each other? Excellent special issue of Phil.Trans.R.Soc on chemical communication in human.
Roberts et al. (2020) Human olfactory communication: current challenges and future prospects

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