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Impressive underwater in : they produce sounds called "antennal rasps" which propagate over several hundreds meters.
📄 Jézéquel et al. (2020) Spiny lobster sounds can be detectable over kilometres underwater. Scientific Reports 10:1–11

thesis in behavioural ecology in , France. We are looking for candidates. Subject: Alternative reproductive tactics in structured populations of invasive fish species.

A new study of captive flamingoes found they prefer to hang out with their flaminbros, and some individuals could even be considered social butterflies.

"Some flock members avoided each other entirely and never crossed paths. A few even displayed signs of aggression when coming in close quarters with individuals they appeared to dislike." I get that

There is no frivolous question in : at last, the beautifully thorough investigation of the deformation induced by cooking of confined .
📄 Goldberg & O’Reilly (2020) Physical Review E 101:013001

Puppet master: when parasites manipulate the behaviour of their hosts. Our new meta-analysis on the subject. Congratulation to Marion for this nice work.
📄 Fayard et al(2020) Magnitude and direction of parasite-induced phenotypic alterations: a meta-analysis in acanthocephalans. Biological Reviews:brv.12606

Which animal scares you the most? Contribute to a serious worldwide scientific study about the relationship between Man and Nature. Kids are also invited to contribute (no ugly picture).

Are we constantly but subconsciously smelling each other? Excellent special issue of Phil.Trans.R.Soc on chemical communication in human.
Roberts et al. (2020) Human olfactory communication: current challenges and future prospects

Wow. Dr. Ross Pipe has released a free PDF of his book, Animal Earth.

"Animal Earth is an impartial celebration and exploration of animal diversity, drawing on the latest research into how the animal lineages are related, how they live and their origins. It’s 320 pages long and is illustrated throughout with 540 spectacular colour photos, SEMs and illustrations"

#Books #Ebooks #Nature #Biodiversity

Adaptive function of tusk: hyperallometric scaling suggests that tusk length is an exaggerated trait under sexual selection.
📄 Graham et al. (2020) The longer the better: evidence that narwhal tusks are sexually selected. Biology Letters 16:20190950

Interesting side effect of determination by sex . Because their sex chromosomes differ, male humans (XY) or female bids (ZW) may be more exposed to recessive deleterious , as suggested by a broad meta-analysis.
📄 Xirocostas et al. (2020) The sex with the reduced sex chromosome dies earlier: a comparison across the tree of life. Biology Letters 16:20190867

The plural of is not data : my comment about the PNAS paper reporting tool use in that have been observed using stick for preening.
📄 Dechaume-Moncharmont F-X (2020) PCI Ecology:100042

Sometimes the most beautiful colors are not to be seen : counter-intuitive case of is iridescent .
📄 Kjernsmo et al. (2020) Iridescence as camouflage. Current Biology

The CNRS has just released a pretty cool video (in French) about our work on in . Many thanks to them!

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