Extreme self-decapitation in sea-slug: the head part is able to regenerate full body including functional heart and kidney in 20 days. It is a possible adaptive response to endoparasite infesting the body part.
📄 Mitoh & Yusa (2021) Extreme autotomy and whole-body regeneration in photosynthetic sea slugs. Current Biology 31:R233–R234

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@fxdm I'm sorry, it sounds amazing but I just don't have time to read the paper :'(
Could you enlighten lazy me by revealing where the slug stores (or how it gets) the energy it's going to need to grow back a full body without its digestive system?
Or is it just that a micro digestive system grows back first?


"Elysia marginata and Elysia atroviridis are [...] among a small number of slugs that can incorporate chloroplasts from the algae they eat into their bodies. This lets the slugs sustain themselves, at least partially, on the sugars the chloroplasts produce through photosynthesis.

Having this ability, which is known as kleptoplasty, could be what allows these sea slugs to survive long periods of time without their bodies."


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