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ha impulsat:
Tonga's Hunga Tonga volcano just had one of the most violent volcano eruptions ever captured on satellite.

2022-01-15 05:52:39

ha impulsat:
Aujourd'hui je vais vous expliquer comment avoir accès parfaitement légalement à un kiosque de plusieurs centaines de journaux et de magazines (dans le Monde, le Figaro) pour une somme RIDICULE par mois. => Thread

2022-01-14 17:10:45

Am I surprised? No
Should you be worried? Probably

And don’t forget to yell digital India…

2022-01-14 17:27:33

ha impulsat:
Russian authorities said they seized more than 426 million rubles, $600k, and €500k, cryptocurrency wallets, computers, and 20 expensive cars

-The suspects' names were not released.
-The FSB said the raids were conducted at the request of US authorities

2022-01-14 13:34:56

ha impulsat:
This is brilliant & extremely useful for .

Ever wanted to remove an object, person or any defects from a picture to have better reverse image results?

Then TRY this one: it's free!

2022-01-14 12:00:02

ha impulsat:
Sources tell me ~15 sites in Ukraine - all using October content management system - have been defaced, incl Min of Foreign Affairs, Cabinet of Ministers, Min of Ed, Emergency Services, Treasury, Environmental Protection. Attackers apparently used this:

2022-01-14 07:27:15

Bonjour @AirFranceFR,

Très sympa cette nouvelle animation souris dans le salon à Orly Terminal 3 ce jour.

La bise,
Un mec beaucoup trop dans les avions

2022-01-12 18:47:42

Après le passage de Brigitte Macron au JT de 13h, c'est le bon moment pour relire l'article de @PredictaLabOff qui retrace l'origine de la rumeur Jean Michel Trogneux

2022-01-12 17:38:36

R to @fs0c131y: We don’t need a collection of tools. We need a platform with a nice user experience where all these tools works together, make sense. And yes, this is complicated to achieve

2022-01-10 21:20:03

Probably unpopular opinion: Hell, I hope no. I love the community but it lacks coders. If we want good tools, good products, and by product I mean a real product, we will need to code it.

This is also why I founded @PredictaLabOff

2022-01-10 21:13:14

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