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2022-01-20 17:30:49

Hello Twitter,

@PredictaLabOff recherche 2 développeurs Python. Si vous êtes intéressé envoyez vos CV à contact@predictalab.com


2022-01-19 22:48:59

I travelled multiple times since this tweet and it’s always the same thing. Airports and planes are all empty. This is not a good thing

2022-01-19 04:53:02

ha impulsat:
Russian military equipment, including BM-27 220mm rocket launchers, have been spotted in near and in and , north of and within range of ’s border. @Michael1Sheldon’s latest report on 's build up 🧵👇

2022-01-18 16:28:52

ha impulsat:
There's been lots of news coverage about what the Russian military has been up to recently, so I wrote about it in the only way I know how: with satellite images and open data.

Read along for some strange open source bedfellows: weapons and wildfires 🔥🔥actualcontrol.substack.com/p/w

2022-01-18 23:21:41

Mentions des candidats à l’élection sur les comptes Twitter de @franceinfo @BFMTV @libe et @Le_Figaro ces 14 derniers jours

2022-01-18 08:03:54

ha impulsat:
Work crews can be seen removing volcanic ash from the runway of Fuaʻamotu International on this @Maxar satellite image. While Tonga's main airport wasn't damaged in the eruption and tsunami, the ashfall on the tarmac hampered much-needed relief efforts to the archipelago.

2022-01-18 06:50:01

ha impulsat:
See how big the was by comparing it to any location on Earth! 🌋

Simply drag the circular annotation and see how it sizes up to your location. 🌎

View the map👉: soar.earth/maps/11921?pos=-20.


2022-01-17 04:48:27

ha impulsat:
analysis by @Michael1Sheldon revealed Russian military assets, including ballistic missile launchers, being moved from Russia's Far East westward by rail. @DFRLab has been tracking military movements on the - border since spring 2021. medium.com/dfrlab/missile-syst

2022-01-17 15:06:03

« Copyright 2007 K-POS. all right reserved. This program has a demo license »

We are in 2022 😬

2022-01-16 17:39:11

ha impulsat:
Thanks for the tweet, my friend. Looking forward to seeing you at the YouTube Live tomorrow on @thewire_in.

2022-01-16 12:58:04

Devesh is one of the best I met in this field. It was and it's always a pleasure to discuss and work with him. is a must read investigation and definitively the beginning of something

2022-01-16 12:49:42

ha impulsat:
Finally wrapped up my standard methodology for investigating Github accounts. This diagram includes the common points of exploitation I look for to see what data I can collect.

Keep in mind not all targets will contain all data points.

2022-01-15 22:25:20

ha impulsat:
BREAKING: Ukrainian officials now linking defacement to Belarusian actor UNC1151/Ghostwriter. Some have tied the group to Russia as well and they could be a joint unit. They also claim there was a destructive component possibly linked to APT29! 11/x reuters.com/world/europe/exclu

2022-01-15 18:51:23

ha impulsat:
Microsoft identified a unique destructive malware operated by an actor tracked as DEV-0586 targeting Ukrainian organizations. Observed activity, TTPs, and IOCs shared in this new MSTIC blog. We'll update the blog as our investigation unfolds. msft.it/6017ZQ8jH

2022-01-16 02:40:01

ha impulsat:
Left: the Hunga Tonga-Hunga Ha'apai volcano on Friday, January 7, 2022.

Right: the volcano on Friday, January 14, 2022.

The second image is from *before* the latest, massive eruption.

Both images were acquired from orbit by @planet.

2022-01-15 19:15:47

ha impulsat:
REvil Ransomware = ["Roman Muromsky", "Andrey Bessonov", "Golovachuk M.A.", " Zayets A.N.", "Khansvyarov R.A.", "Korotayev D.V.", "Puzyrevsky D.D.", "Malozemov A.V."] 🕵️‍♂️👾🇷🇺😈


2022-01-15 15:48:19

R to @fs0c131y: L'extrême droite est prédominante sur le Tiktok politique 😬

@PredictaLabOff est sur les rails pour vous partager ses observations de la vie politique numérique durant les prochains mois 😉

2022-01-15 18:58:29

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