@Liberapay @freepost

this is a bad news and another reminder that the euro/dollar is not a free/libre money but something controlled by an "establishment" that have it's own rules aside of the law

I was wondering if Liberapay could not be backed on a libre money sometimes :
users "buy" on liberapay to tip other users
users can retrieve euro with G1 on liberapay
users can use G1 elsewhere

this way liberapay only need one merchand SEPA account, and opens up to a libre economy

@freepost Has @Liberapay considered Adyen? I think it might work?

"This issue is now being shared on social networks. Doing that is inappropriate at this early stage and only sends me a signal that discussing sensitive matters publicly is not a good idea."
- Changaco, 11 minutes ago

@Alonealastalovedalongthe @freepost I assume it's because too much attention on this might whip up a storm, before it's certain that there's any need of action.
And too much panic might hurt the issue or push people to abandon liberapay too hastily.

@freepost Could you please not share matters like this in a different medium? It breaks discussions and is a good reason I would probably never take the discussion about these matters public anymore.

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