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8.0.3 has been released! It brings an improved logfile that now displays web extensions ID (and not only their names), a new crash handler and updated definitions.

Download it:
More info:

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Allez : pas relu, écrit d'une traite au réveil, sans doute trop long et trop technique, mais après de longues années un nouveau billet de blog.

Some notes notes on the paper "Confronting indifference toward truth: Dealing with workplace bullshit" -

Both a fun and a sad reading but definitely worth the time: (free)

(Thanks @MathieuTriclot -
for the good finding!)

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🎉 #PeerTube 2.1 released 🎉

This new release includes a new "internal" privacy setting for videos, hyperlinks for video timecodes in descriptions and comments, many comments improvements, a watch later icon on video thumbnails, UI improvements and many more!

Check the blog post for more information:

And the complete changelog on

Thanks to all PeerTube contributors 😘

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OpenPush - A Free, Decentralized Push Messaging Framework for Android

(The embedded video doesn't play because of a strict CSP policy, if you want to watch it, you'll need to click through to the #FOSDEM talk page)

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Is there anyone who has a contact in IT security at @natixis ? My emails stays unanswered.

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"L'année 2019 va être marquée par de profondes modifications sur le marché de la retraite avec de belles opportunités à saisir."
Jean MALHOMME, Directeur épargne et prévoyance AXA France
Source (en bas)

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Mozilla just laid off 70 fantastic people. If you can help them - open positions, offering helpful conversations and references, anything else - please say so.

Use #MozillaLifeboat as an umbrella tag for easy finding. (It's already flowing on the birdsite.)

If you've been affected, I'm happy to chat directly. Also have some open positions (see rest of this thread). But doesn't have to be today - take time to recover if you can.

Most of all: thank you folks for making the web better.

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Tweet de @LeFluideGlacial

Il y a peu longtemps, dans une région peu lointaine, très peu lointaine…

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Pour mes factures en #LaTeX, fait le travail. Pas parfait mais simple et ça marche et je vais pouvoir faire des vraies factures.

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Excellente cette petite app #Transportr sur #fdroid , ça permet d'avoir accès aux horaires de train, bus, tram de plusieurs pays et tout ça sans traqueurs.




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.@Malwarebytes 8.0.1 has been released!
It brings detection improvements for Mozilla Firefox as well as a fix for a security vulnerability.
- More details:
- Download here:

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Tails plans for 2020:

“Leveraging all the work that we have done in the past years to make Tails easier to install and use, in 2020, we will explain better what Tails is and why people should use it.

Since [2011] Tails has come a long way: the number of people using Tails has been multiplied by 16. Tails is no longer an experimental project for privacy experts but a well-established reference.”

Many more pepole could benefit from using Tails! Please donate!

8.0 has been released! We modernized numerous core parts of the product to bring back stability and efficiency, and improved our detection and remediation capabilities.

Release announcement:

Download now:

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