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Enfin une #publicité que j'adore à #Lyon 😍

Je ne sais pas qui a financé mais bravo 👏🏼


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This is a great achievment for the fediverse: it is now used by malware (in this case, to find the C&C, or C2, the Command and Control center where the malware will take instructions).


Do note the stupid remark (a typical one from some security fans) saying that the fediverse is not censored enough.

(The account mentioned in the article is already suspended.)

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Started working on the next Ubuntu animal illustration. 😎
If you want to support this new creation:
✨ Obtain shop.sylvia-ritter.com
💌 Patreon patreon.com/sylviaritter
🌼 Donation Button bit.ly/31TM8y
🦄 Commission me sylvia.ritter[@]duangle[dot]com
#art #illustration #mastoart

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Huge search performance improvements!
Nextcloud 21 ⌚ 1660ms
Nextcloud 22 🚀 506ms

Of course, full text search index like Elasticsearch can be even faster, but many private users don't have this set up so it's good that it is faster for everybody!

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Good rant about software changes: because marketing people insist on new features, new bells and whistles, the new version of a program can be worse than the previous one. "Just let it as it is" is not fancy, even if this is what the user wants. tbray.org/ongoing/When/202x/20


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Une nouvelle version majeure (4.0) de #OsmAnd Android est sortie 👍🏼


OsmAnd est l'app couteau suisse qui utilise les données d' #OpenStreetMap !


"Perhaps next fall, instead of a phone with obnoxious amounts of cameras and pixels, I would welcome a more afforable, accessible, and secure device we could have some confidence in."

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Debian bullseye release planned for 2021-08-14, what will happen in the last weeks up to the release. lists.debian.org/debian-devel-

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what my girlfriend thought dating a software engineer would be like: "honey, I got an AI robot maid to do all our cooking for us"

what dating a software engineer is actually like: "if that microwave connects to the internet we're heating all our food with a blowtorch from now on"

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«Il ne faut jamais débattre avec l'extrême-droite.».

Un EXCELLENT article qui démonte les différents leviers qu'utilise l'extrême-droite contre nous pour s'imposer dans les débats et conquérir les esprits.


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Afin de booster un peu la campagne de #VivreEnMacronie Tome 4, j'ai décidé de créer une petite bande dessinée intitulée "Macron en terre inconnue". #MacronEnTerreInconnue
Tous les 2000€, je posterai une nouvelle page de cette BD et à la fin de la campagne, tous les contributeurs la recevront en PDF.
j'espère que ce petit cadeau vous plaira. Voici les 2 premières planches. Prochaine page au 52 000€ ! 🙃
fr.ulule.com/macronie4/ 😘

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