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Specifically, it’s the who has authority & oversight over the DPA’s of all the member states.

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This article somewhat answers my question: Apparently there is an EU level agency that oversees whether member states are properly enforcing the .

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Living in the #Netherlands?

Sign this #petition to the #Dutch Government with a plea for fair #education in the classroom and to keep children away from #privacy-infringing #SurveillanceCapitalism platforms they (and their teachers) are forced to use.


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#poll for Europeans:

Upon discovering that an organisation (company, gov agency, or NGO) uses Microsoft, Google, or some other untrustworthy email provider, have you withheld your email address from them or made a GDPR request to have your email address deleted from their records?

Where in would I find carburetor cleaner for a reasonable price? Carrefour & an auto supply store charge €20 for a can of carb cleaner.

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Question for tenants/landlords in #Belgium: if the typical security deposit is 2 months rent, and the typical penalty for terminating a lease in the 1st year is 3 months rent, how does that work? How does a landlord collect a penalty that exceeds the security deposit? Or am I wrong about the standard figures? #askFedi

I noticed I can buy canned mandarin oranges with the bitter membranes removed. This means they were soaked in hydrochloric acid then bathed in lye. Do have a chemical phobia for decaf black tea, but not canned mandarins? I’d be a bit more alarmed by how mandarins are canned than the CO₂ used for decaffination.

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Some member states like will simply ignore complaints. Others, like will accept the complaint and give a file number, but then take no action.

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When an EU member state’s DPA accepts a report for a violation, and then they sit on it & let it rot, is there any recourse? Is there an EU level GDPR agency that can push cases through?

Decaf black tea is non-existent in . I’ve been to ~8 or so shops. Only 1 of them (Kusmi) had a tin for decaf black tea. It was empty w/no refill ETA, and it was Earl Grey w/lemon. Some tea shops said decaf tea uses chemicals. So what? If anyone knows where decaf black tea is sold in Brussels please post here. (btw I should over Cloudflare use)

just put an ad out for a flip-phone. I’m impressed that a dumbphone appears in an ad & I’m the type to avoid smartphones, but the price tag on this thing is €50! I don’t get it. Where are they going to find consumers so determined to avoid smartphones that they’ll pay €50? I’m betting they don’t move any until they mark them down to €5 in a couple months.

(or Brussels anyway) is offering a “prime” (subsidy/incentive) for people to upgrade their old boilers to newer muzut models. At the same time, has commited to a ban on the sale of oil-fired boilers starting in 2035. Am I missing something?

Can someone help me find the law on for ? I was only able to find a very short blurb in English which cited “article 94/6 of the Law of 14 July 1991 on trade practices and consumer information and protection in the Belgian Civil Code”, but I have been unable to find the actual statute.

It turns out latex paint can only be mixed with *latex* caulk. Silicone needs to be dyed with “silicone pigment” which is quite costly. So I guess I’d still like to find ~100 mL gray sanitary silicone.

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Apparently latex paint can be mixed with white caulk, so that may be the answer. Maybe I'll colorize the white caulk I happen to have on-hand.

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I need 100 mL of gray silicone caulking, in . Must I buy a 310 mL tube and throw the rest away?

It’s snowing in . Putin must be happy about that.

Where in can I find steel-cut oatmeal (sometimes called “Irish oatmeal”)?

sells bags of diced butternut squash w/skin left on. I guess the idea is to save people the effort of cutting it. But then they left the skin on. WTF. So they shortened its life by dicing it, then they had to use a plastic bag (when the skin served quite well as a container), and yet they left the skin on which is even more labor intensive to peel after it's diced.

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