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So I finished the fries while standing in the street.

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I got kicked off the sidewalk at a bar near Mappa Mundo (forgot the name), for standing there eating fries I got down the street as I spoke to a friend I was meeting there, who was sitting down. Can they do that? I understand why it's a problem to bring food from one resto to another, but confused about sidewalk rules. The tables are the bar’s property, but the sidewalk itself?

has a “20% off any item” sale so often (~2 weekends/month) that I’ve adapted to not shop there when the sale is off. Now they’ve announced 20% off for a whole month, but only to those who install their closed-source Playstore app. So I’ll likely not shop there that whole month. Am I the only one? I wonder if their marketing team calculates ppl in my boat.

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Google fait semblant d'utiliser le privilège client-avocat pour masquer le contenu de ses emails au ministère de la justice US.

Leurs employés sont entrainés à rajouter un avocat en copie d'email, rajouter "privilège client-avocat" et faire semblant de poser une question à l'avocat. Ainsi ils s'octroient le droit de ne pas dévoiler le contenu de ces messages aux enquêteurs dans le procès antitrust en cours.

A bank sent an announcement to customers that they will be automatically reporting *all* cash transactions to the National Bank of . Did all banks make this announcement to customers? Anyone banking with receive this announcement?

Some shops are special. E.g. the in Ixelles has the biggest inventory of because they have some special arrangement with that supplier. So Brico Ixelles has some tools that are not on the website, and also don't exist in the big Bricos like Brico Plan-it. What other Brico locations have supplies that are missing in the big Bricos?

Failed in again to find plumbing supplies. Not even has a swaging tool for copper pipe, despite half a dozen different tools being on the market that do it →

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Hi Australian research community! Does anyone know of examples of universities and libraries that financially support #OpenSource projects, or that are paying members of organisations that support and fund the open source ecosystem?
Boosts appreciated.
#Australia # FOSS #FLOSS #OpenResearch #OpenScholarship

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Des Fedinautes à rencontrer aujourd'hui et demain à #Bruxelles ?

Some Fedinauts in #Brussels for meeting on today or tomorrow ?

(Sharing is caring, so It's Okay to Retoot/repouët)

Have professional plumbers quit soldering in ? DiY shops often sell soldering irons, flux, solder, fittings, etc, but if you go to a building supply store that caters for pros, they don't have the soldering stuff.

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Here's a gentle reminder that #FDroid doesn't tax #android app developers in any way. However we humbly ask you to support us with your donations.

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Software Freedom @conservancy announces the Committee On AI-Assisted Programming & #Copyleft. The new committee will develop a community response to machine learning tools used to generate code from copyleft

residents: are there any shops that sell obscure plumbing fittings? I cannot find flared fittings for copper (SAE 45°) in . I’ve tried Brico, Facq, Van Marcke, Djoser, Gamma, & half a dozen smaller shops.

I went to 6 hardware stores in looking for a simple concealed hinge (like this <>) No one sells these, WTF. Only the big spring-loaded Ikea-like hinges & some €30+ hinge for large doors.

There is a bad habit in of ppl dating their postal letters as “date de la poste”. When replying to such letters, I suggest starting with “I am writing in response to your letter dated «date de la poste» (literally, & because there was no postmark date I cannot properly reference your letter)…” We need that kind of reply to become a habit to correct the foolishness.

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Belgium wanted to pass a law that would have forced companies to include an encryption backdoor. But the immense backlash that the government faced made them stop. Read on our blog how we fought the law & won! 😀💪 Let's keep fighting for #privacy.

residents: Do any of the health insurers (mutualités) include hospitalization as part of the package (not a la carte)? Apparently & only sell hospitalization coverage as a separate option, which is then subject to a 6 month waiting period.

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