@EU_Commission @mrrulf There are good changes and there are bad changes. It’s important to reject the bad changes to avoid setbacks -- a lesson many don’t learn because they’ve been brainwashed by the phrase “latest & greatest”.

@mrrulf @EU_Commission After Google & MS started blocking RFC compliant transmissions (e.g. if they are sent directly from a home user), that trend caught on, and now we’ve regressed to where email is less reliable than it was previously, and less reliable than snail mail in fact. People often say “latest & greatest <version/process/etc>” which is a foolish idea to indoctrinate people with.

@EU_Commission @mrrulf It’s also flawed to assume that evolution is progress. Consider that email was once reliable, perhaps even more so than snail mail. You could send a msg & as long as your process was RFC compliant the email would be delivered. ~10 years after email became mainstream Google and Microsoft decided to get persnickety about the msgs it accepts.

@mrrulf @EU_Commission In the end, experimentation is fine as long as it stays in the lab. Stupid shit that is not ready for prime-time is being deployed in the real world & people are getting burnt (and the people getting burnt are not the same people as those deploying the garbage). And worse, when people get burnt, they’re told by the digitization pushers to fuck off… that their transaction doesn’t matter.

@EU_Commission @mrrulf Points of failure is only the ½ of it. Every digital system introduces privacy abuses not present in conventional systems. That’s also anti-progress. You can try to use cryptocurrency or whatever to attempt to get the same level of privacy, but then you sacrifice the environment. Sure they can evolve to a proof-of-stake model but that brings in other inequities.

@mrrulf @EU_Commission I wouldn’t mind people trying so long is they are not experimenting on /me/. Fuck that. I’m not a guinea pig, and there’s no law to protect me from being used as an experimental digitization guinea pig. They should stay in the lab with their laundry machines until they reach a point where they actually have more reliability than what they are replacing.

@EU_Commission @mrrulf Sure you can make various small improvements to reduce the chance of some of the points of failure, and in the case of offline payment systems eliminate ~2 or 3 out of 25 or so points of failure, but it’s wishful thinking to think you can reach a digital laundromat in the next 20 years that’s as reliable & robust as a 1980’s laundromat.

@mrrulf @EU_Commission The case at hand (replacing cash transactions w/digital ones) effectively replaces 1 or 2 points of failure with 15…20+ points of failure. That is not progress. It’s poor engineering & it’s the opposite of progress.

@wuwei @EU_Commission @primalmotion Are you talking to me or primalmotion? Not sure what you’re referring to with deleted msgs, etc. I was never confused- just uncertain. Hence why I asked what leads you to say it’s a bot only acct. If you are getting confused about which reply is to which msg I suggest changing clients. The stock web client is bad at showing you the threading. Bitlbee makes the threads more clear

@wuwei @primalmotion @EU_Commission If Twitter is used at all by a gov, it should be for broadcasting announcements only (since all people can read twitter but not all people can send twitter msgs).

@EU_Commission @primalmotion @wuwei Twitter is an exclusive walled garden, so if the EU is listening to Twitter replies but not reading replies from the (which is open to all), this goes against treating all people as equals.

@wuwei @primalmotion @EU_Commission For one it’s disturbing that they do not properly disclose the account being unmonitored (cross-posting does not imply unmonitored) so citizens are led to falsely believe they are writing to their gov. It’s also disturbing that a government is using a 2-way comms channel purely for broadcast. The essence of free speech is being able to talk to your gov & they’ve blocked it.

@wuwei @EU_Commission @primalmotion That’s disturbing. Are you sure about that? Their profile says a bot crossposts their announcements, but that doesn’t inherently imply that they don’t have a human who can read & react to mentions.

@papertape @EU_Commission When I read your post i thought /what flags/? Then I opened a browser and saw that the post showed flags. I use a text client so instead of flags I see 2-letter country codes (which is more useful than flags). Perhaps if your client gives you a raw text view, there may be some alt text for each flag.

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@EU_Commission What does that even mean? And please note that forcing people to have iOS or Android apps with no open alternative is not progress but the exact opposite.

Does anyone in the know what is going on in Belgium? I asked an appliance salesman & all he could come up with is many people died in a fire a few years ago because of a gas leak or something. Surely that is not cause to kill off gas ovens. Another salesman told me people believe electric is more efficient than gas, but I think they’re wrong (powerplant → home).

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I simply want a gas oven, in . These are entirely non-existent in strictly as a separate oven, and nearly non-existent as a stove+oven combination. There are some silly combination units with a gas stove and electric oven. The very few that are gas stove + gas oven have no proper thermostat. The oven control is 1…2…3……10 -- not joking! There is no temp marking

has “Opération Recyclage” in attempt to encourage people to toss out perfectly usable tools & buy new, needlessly. It’s a disturbing use of the term /recycle/ because it falsely coerces consumers into thinking this is good for the environment. The most sustainable tools are the tools you already have.

@EU_Commission @duco The possibility of power loss can only be a shortcoming for digitization. A coin-operated laundromat only goes offline if power is lost at the laundromat. A digital laundromat has the same vulnerability + vulnerabilities to power loss at your home, at your ISP, at the payment processor, at the bank that the payment processor connects to & at the ISPs of the payment processor & bank.

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