A bank decides to force all customers to:

* buy an or
* subscribe to GSM svc
* give the ph# to Apple or Google
* tell or where they bank (by downloading the app)
* install & execute proprietary

Money is trapped in the accounts- held hostage until customers take the above steps.

Why is no one talking about this? () forces ppl into w/Google/Apple patronage & no one seems to notice.

in #sweden these practices are common. In most banks you need to use #bankid - proprietary app. This app is run by a company founded by a group of banks. They came further now. The one of the biggest bank refuse to close the account if you want to withdraw money over the limit in cash. Maybe others do the same.
They must fight with cash because they want to implement for instance #negativerates.😤

@expat ING (ex-Nationale Nederlanden) has done almost exactly the same thing here in Spain, following the implementation of #PSD2.If you don't have a smartphone you can just operate by phone call and/or at their scarce ATM's, which is a bad joke.

@expat Portuguese banks use SMS to verify and approve internet banking operations. You must have a cell phone and you must associate it to your bank account

@expat I tried to change my address with capital one UK. I logged in on the web site. The web site said “you can’t do that on the web site. Please download our app or call us by phone.” So 1969 tech is fine. 2019 tech is fine. But 1999 tech is no good. Ridiculous.

@paco I've actually been using old-fashioned snail-mail a lot more in the past couple years because I refuse to concede to dancing for Google. I would certainly use snail-mail in your situation, and I would add a scathing paragraph in the address change letter as well. The cost to the bank increases if a human must handle a letter, & I think it's important to compel those costs (money talks).

@expat One could argue that while money is in a bank account it doesn't exist (at least not in full) until it's withdrawn. I would go on to argue that the cards we use, credit and debit, run nonfree software to commit transactions also.


also the service of Poste Italiane to deal with the public administration forces you to surrender your data to Google.

I set it up myself for a friend, i know for experience

@expat The GAFAM&Banks are the new State. We all become corporation world citizens or rightless invisibles slaves.

Get rid off your f*** so called « smart » devices if you believe that Earth deserve better than those techo-fascist ways of thinking.

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