Thank you for coming this morning to the presentation at ! It was great 😀
Try writing poems online 👉 👈
You can share your creations on the hashtag !
Thanks again @fosdem for having me this year 🙏

You can now code using poems!
The first version of is available on my blog at
I'll be presenting that at this Sunday!
Have fun trying to use it, and please send me any issue or error message you get so that I can fix them before the prez' :)
(I'm currently catching all exceptions and showing them to you directly, YOLO)
It's made with , the awesome like language for making languages.
Please don't break it too hard 🤞 🙏

Hey, esoteric language programmers, I'll be at this weekend with an awesome new technology to reveal! More to come, but we'll be writing together some thanks to and . See you Sunday at 9:30AM in room AW1.125
PS: The website is getting ready for you to try (and obviously break it down) so stay tuned!

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