An old cadastral map of our neighborhood (circa 1950s). The Homer Harrison estate became Dr. Dory M. Walrod's and later subdivided into several plots. Following the clear cutting of much of Columbia County's forests by the timber barons of the time, this area was barren by the end of the 1940s. Alcoa Mining Co. owned a large portion of Bunker Hill, as this area was rich in iron and aluminum deposits.

A typical setup at our Alice Tarbell Cultural Space (2)

A typical set up at our Alice Tarbell Cultural Space (1)

Water level is back up. This is Milton Creek, a tributary of Columbia River.

Sunset in Yankton. It is getting earlier and we've got three more weeks till the winter solstice.

a very brief sun break! Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

On this , we acknowledge that we are located on the historical Chinook Nation territory.

Find out about your place:

More about the Chinook Nation:

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