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from the "C++17 and C++20 Goodies" session at

As usual for code dense sessions, be sure to check the slides and video too!


Dentistry software with and today at I am so glad to be positively surprised after so long doing FOSS. Thank you Tej! 💪


for the "Native Desktop Styling Support for QtQuick Controls 2" session at

from the e.V. board report at It was so packed that I didn't have room left to capture the very last part, make sure to check out the slides when they're online.

It *looks* like the driver issue is fixed... now I'll doodle in my corner to test things. If everything goes well for will resume this afternoon with the e.V. board report... so sorry for the talks I missed. 😕

Unfortunately the service for will be disrupted for now... The drivers of my tablet decided to go bonker toward the end of the keynote. Due to this none of the KDE Goals talks will be sketchnoted. Sorry about that.

of the first keynote. Gina Häußge talking about her adventures with OctoPrint


Ce strip de est de plus en plus pertinent, d'année en année...


After years in the service industry, today was my first day as part of @nextcloud ! Looking forward to contributing to a Free Software product enabling data ownership and defending privacy.

So yesterday was officially my last day at it's been a real blast: awesome projects and awesome people. Thanks a lot for the time together!

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