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To make sure the KDE Community gets what it is most interested in, please take a moment to fill out this anonymous survey.

This is to let your Akademy Team and Program Committee in on what you are most looking forward to seeing at #Akademy 2020.

The Akademy team invites you to sign-up for the Akademy Attendees Mailing List to have the most recent Akademy updates.

We cannot wait for you to see what's in store for #Akademy this year!


Ce strip de est de plus en plus pertinent, d'année en année...


@ubuntustudio, the Linux distribution "for creative humans", will move to KDE's Plasma desktop by default for future releases. Plasma's "better tools for graphics artists and photographers" and lightness make it the ideal desktop for Ubuntu Studio's users.

The KDE community looks forward to working closely with Ubuntu Studio in delivering the best desktop experience to their users.

#Akademy2020's call for papers is now open. Join KDE's big yearly event as a speaker and tell us all about your projects and experiences.

After years in the service industry, today was my first day as part of @nextcloud ! Looking forward to contributing to a Free Software product enabling data ownership and defending privacy.

Developers of Kontact (KDE's suite of apps for managing email, calendars, contacts and tasks) have spent March and April enhancing the suite's stability, adding features and beefing up security for your messages. Check out all the changes here:

So yesterday was officially my last day at it's been a real blast: awesome projects and awesome people. Thanks a lot for the time together!

#KDETip: Install gnuplot, then do:

1. Open KRunner with [Alt] + [Space]
2. Type "=plot( [some function] )", e.g.:


3. ???
4. Profit! 💡


And if you're interested in some more history you can read the 20 Years of KDE book:



Did you know that has written down a lot of what drives us in our vision and manifesto?



Our friends at VideoLan are running an Easter egg 🥚 , chick 🐥 , flower 🌼 and #VLC cone hunt. Find all the items and win something. #StayHome 🏠, find stuff, #StaySafe.

The KDE Free Qt Foundation is currently negotiating with The Qt Company and updates will be released as new developments arise.

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Regarding the situation with the Qt Company, KDE relies on the KDE Free Qt Foundation to always seek the most beneficial outcome for all Free Software developers and advocates. Read more at

KDE and @gnome
are grassroots non-profit communities that work all year to improve everybody's life through Free Software. You too can help bring joy to millions by supporting us, joining our communities or just using our software and telling others about it.


We are happy you enjoyed the joke (and if you missed it, you can still visit's landing page), but KDE and @gnome
are even happier you enjoy our software.

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