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de la conférence de @numahell et Elise Ghienne sur la question "Le Libre et l'ESS peuvent-ils faire bon ménage?"

de la conférence de Marc Rees () sur les menaces pour les libertés numériques,

The new web page for KDE's Goals shows what we're concentrating on for the next couple of years and how you can join in.


In Beirut

1.5 million people, 1/4 of Lebanon’s entire population, protested against corruption, economic inequality and injustice today.

Standing in Solidarity with Lebanon.

Just WOW! ✊🏽✊🏾 🇱🇧

🐦🔗: is back in 2020! The Call for Papers for #cki2020 is already open, so submit your ideas for talks or workshops and join us at India's top KDE conference.

Couldn't make it to #Akademy2019? No worries: the talks were recorded, so now you can watch them all. Get up to speed with the improvements to Plasma (desktop and mobile), KDE's community goals and all the exciting apps for drones, VR and more.

Whew, would you look at the time... It's our birthday today! 🥳

What are your dreams for KDE in the next year? Let us know!


*VRAIS* remèdes contre la pénurie de développeurs :
✅ Télétravail
✅ Ouverture aux juniors
✅ Salaires > moyenne du marché
✅ Missions qui du sens

*FAUX* remèdes :
❌ Babyfoot
❌ Tobbogans
❌ Piscine à balles
❌ Café/fruits/snack illimités
❌ Rénovation de l'open-space


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