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Too tired to sketchnote the WG reports, but be aware that for the sysadmin one, our own Ben Cooksley is talking about the remaining work to migrate to . Exciting times!

Live from #Akademy2019: Giving new contributors their time in the limelight -- students present projects they are working on to improve KDE.

Live from #Akademy2019: Kai Uwe Broulik tells us about the new notifications shipped with the latest version of Plasma.

Live from #Akademy2019: Aditya Mehra shows us how @mycroft_ai + Plasma will help you drive your car.

Live from #Akademy2019: Marco Martin and Bhushan Shah tell us about how KDE is also making inroads on embedded devices.

Live from KDE: Adriaan de Groot talks about QuatBot, a meeting-managing bot he built for Matrix.

Live from #Akademy2019: Lydia Pintscher, Eike Hein, Ivan Cukic and Neofytos Kolokotronis introduce KDE's new goals: "Wayland Migration", "Improve Consistency across the Board", and "It's all about the Apps".

Live from #Akademy2019: @tetris4 tells us how the onboarding project brought new blood to the KDE Community.

Live from #Akademy2019: Ivan Cukic explains how KDE software protects users and stops personal data leaking on to the Internet.

Live from #Akademy2019: Lars Knoll from the Qt Company explains what the future of Qt will look like and how it will affect the development of KDE software.

TUXEDO Book XP1610 Unboxing by KDE neon's Jonathan Riddell

Now time to boost the official communication which I didn't have time to do earlier. I was too busy sketchnoting. ;-)

And now the from the Goals Panel. With the new goals announced at the end.

Now getting ready for the Goals panel... this keeps giving!

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