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You just sit at home, you have nothing to do and you just think to yourself "Hmm, I wonder what KDE PIM folks have been up to in the past two months" - well wonder no more: here's our summary, first in our new regular series :-)



This is why creating an open-source data extractor like Itineary are important. is happily accepting data donaions to make it even better :)



Rant: Nine reasons why I don't believe in current VR/AR technology.

HoloLens, Magic Leap, and Oculus: Mind-blowing videos, and the market is estimated to explode to $200 billion by 2025 (Statista). So what's wrong?

HCI research tells why we haven't seen a killer app yet: 1/22


And so yesterday was my first day at my new job. Thanks to the team for having me. Let's make beautiful software!

Google a supprimé #KDEConnect du playstore parce que l'appli violerait leurs nouvelles règles relatives aux SMS, et parce qu'ils ont également supprimé l'exception dont elle bénéficiait...

Bref, utilisez #FDroid si vous voulez une version complète de KDE Connect.

Le playstore ne proposera plus qu'une version bridée.


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We hope that everyone is having as much fun celebrating as we are! 🥳🎂
Also, a quick reminder that...

Web ≠ Internet


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I was reading random things on the internet last night and stumbled upon some things about Albert Einstein's wife.

Some people say she was as brilliant as Einstein, if not better. But what happened to her?



Today was a very special day for me, it was my last working day at @KDABQt where I stayed for 11 years. Thanks for all the learning experiences I got!

Time for some vacations and then starting something new in April. I'm sad to go but I'm also looking forward to what awaits!

Here are my for the VLC 4.0 talk by j-b at @fosdem. Enjoy! cc @videolan

Blogged: Musing About Communities Size and Activity: A Follow-up with again @kdecommunity and @rustlang inside

Blogged: Musing About Communities Size And Activity, with @kdecommunity @qtproject @videolan and @rustlang inside! via @wallabagapp

Blogged about Community Data Analytics again, we're getting in tougher territory now: Exploring Contributors Centrality Over Time

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