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Now that we all understand the "exponential growth curve" we should get a head start on the "bi-modal distribution" lesson.

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Congratulations @nightrose@twitter.com for your nomination to the Women In Open Source Award! You deserve it! redhat.com/en/about/women-in-o @RedHat@twitter.com

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Back then we believed strongly that a free Internet would allow us to switch the power balance, to give more voice to the People, to hold the ones in power accountable and make them pay for their lies and crimes..

WikiLeaks was an essential part of it: a radical approach to journalism based on science of raw data, on collective empowerment and participation, on uncensorable infrastructure...

Where are we now? Did we let that dream die out, while we got convinced to drop support for ?

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10 years ago WikiLeaks published "Collateral Murder", the brutal murders of civilians in Iraq by "dudes" acting like in a video game.. part of a series of releases that forever changed our view of the war.


Today, rots in jail, particularly vulnerable to with chronic lung illness, awaiting extradition in the US where he faces 175y for these uncompromising acts of journalism.

Time to tell that story again!

@AugierLe42e @greenman @fredds Malheureusement (ou heureusement suivant avec qui tu en parles) il y a assez peu de distributions qui mettent à jour les règles de firewall basé sur l'installation d'un paquet. C'est le même cinoche avec sshd ou cups par exemple...

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