from Nate Graham's talk about "Konquering the world" or how to make irresistible.

from Volker Krause's talk about new digital travel assistant with privacy by design.

from David Edmundson's talk about "Towards a next-gen desktop". Aiming at Plasma of course.

from Claudia Garad's keynote about inclusiveness and creating welcoming cultures.

from the introduction of the Students Programs panel.

from David Faure's talk about Running without installing modules.

e.V. board report for the first time in the public part of here are the grab them while they are fresh!

Inspired by @malweene I'm sketch noting at here is the keynote, fresh off the press! Enjoy!

I got proof they both exist ! The magic of with our own Michael Pyne and Ben Cooksley!

Look what I got in the mail a few days ago! Thanks a lot @malweene really nice advises in there.

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