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The Lost Boys (TLB)
The Carebears (TCB)
The Replicants
The Exceptions (TEX)
Unlimited Matricks (ULM)
Delta Force
Inner Circle
Level 16
Overlanders (OVR)
The Union
Digital Insanity
The TNT Crew
MJJ Prod
The Black Cats (TBC)
The Respectables
Pompey Pirates
ST Knights
The Alliance
The Blade Runners
The Reanimators
The Medway Boys

and many others...

To sum up my working Windows 7 VM on MBP to Atari STe setup:

- use a 720k DD floppy for copying MSA files from Windows using an USB floppy drive
- use MSA-2.3.PRG on the ST to unpack the copied file to another floppy (DD, or HD with the hole covered)
- MSA-2.3 can only format 9 and 10 sectors, if the file is 11 sectors you need to use FCOPY-III.PRG on the ST to format first
- MSA or ST files > 720k have to be split with MSA-Converter on Windows; MSA-2.3 will join them on a single floppy

Well, "PC" to ST didn't work. The old DOS programs I need don't work in my Windows 7 VM where the USB floppy drive is recognized. I also tried in a Win95 VM but no way to use the USB drive. Maybe there's other ways I don't know about yet...

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Riz Ortolani
Katyna Ranieri
"Oh my love"

Next step: as soon as I receive the USB floppy I've ordered, try and transfer .st and .msa files to disks so that I can use them in the real machine.

Games look amazing on this CRT screen. Much more enjoyable than in emulators on a LCD. I can't wait to watch a cool megademo (unfortunately I don't have such disks yet, only a few games).

Ok actually the reset button works, it's just a bit unstable and weak. I'll try not manipulate it too much. Just for the hidden screens in demos! ;)

First minute in front of this CRT my eyes were like nope nope what is this, but 5 minutes later I’m already used to it.

Ah, the reset button doesn’t work...

The screen image is not centered. Otherwise everything seems to be ok.

looks like I'm going to buy an Atari 1040 STE with its SC1224 screen, with all the cables, mouse and joysticks next friday

we're almost done negociating (price, delivery, etc) and it's going very well

let's hope


Favorite metal solos

1- Judas Priest "Painkiller"
2- Megadeth "Hangar 18"
3- Annihilator "Road to ruin"

Je mélange de plus en plus l'anglais et le français dans mes phrases. A l'écrit comme à l'oral. Ca devient presque agaçant, ça, Jean-Claude. 😆

Please do not repost your birdsite stuff here... 😭

Can we not filter toots by keyword on Mastodon? I thought they added this feature some time ago. But I don't see anything in my settings panel. Maybe it's not available for some instances which are not up to date?

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