Church builds huge baby Jesus statue — that looks like Phil Collins.

My neighbours have hung an inverted pentagram on their window for the holy season.

I just found out that google now requires a phone number if you want to create a new account.
Whatever they tell you, GMAIL is NOT free.

120 MHz Pentium Processor
External Cache: 256K Enabled
Booting from Floppy Disk

So, is being discontinued. It was (still is) the best free/open source android app to access . What do you people suggest for a replacement (besides abandoning the bird site)?

Mr. Robot S04E02 spoilers ahead... 

Justin Trudeau doesn't seem to understand what a strike is.

Hello? Can anyone from 1995 please send a message to my pager?

Never thought I'd ever see a Competition Pro being sold in a real world store!

Just found about this book called "10 PRINT" that is all about a one-line Commodore 64 BASIC program.

Just skimmed through its 324 pages (there's a free pdf version) and it actually looks pretty interesting.

I just found out that the longest running "tv series" is an American soap opera called "The Guiding Light" that ran from 1952 until 2009 (that's 57 years) and you would need 591 full days to watch it entirely.

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