I just found out that google now requires a phone number if you want to create a new account.
Whatever they tell you, GMAIL is NOT free.

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@epifn You can use a Google Voice number to not share your real number...
Oh... wait... :)

@skynebula yeah 😂
Well, but maybe Skype could do the trick.

@skynebula oh well, Skype also requires a phone number 😪

Not true.
You can still create a gmail account without a phone number: you just have to link it to an existing email address...

@dheadshot really? I couldn't find that option. Where is it?

It just had it as the 2 options when signing up to gmail. I only know this as a client signed up and didn't have a phone, so she used one of our email addresses as the backup...

@dheadshot when was that? It used to be possible, but I think they changed it recently.

@dheadshot Cool. I would really like to know how they did it.

@dheadshot I just tried again. Registered with an alternative email, like you said, but then I get this...

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