Time to get rid of the Android tracking device. From now I'll be carrying Ubuntu in my pocket.
Thanks @Ubports

@epifn Welcome to the bright side of the Force! 😎

@peanutbutter144 I'm a lucky guy. I had my old Nexus 4 lying around .

@peanutbutter144 there are a lot of devices we already support, try to catch one of them! 😉 @epifn

@epifn What device is that? Are you running Ubuntu touch? Does the phone work, and is that a MSI game laptop under it?

@djsumdog it's a nexus 4 and yes, it works. I'm tooting from it now.

The laptop is what you guessed 😀

@epifn @Ubports

How does it work as a daily driver?

I have it running on a Nexus 5 but haven't really used it that much.

@jeff @Ubports I've just started using it. It's kind of slow on the Nexus 4. You also don't have much apps to choose from, but that's to be expected.

Why aren't you using it?

@epifn @Ubports

I have a new iPhone that I am using and quite liking. Battery life and application selection are making my life really easy for the most part and I don't have to worry about giving all of my data to Google.

Apple hasn't burned me yet so I still have some trust in them since they don't generate revenue from ad traffic.

UBports looks promising though. Having a Linux phone is a dream that seems forever out of reach since every big company seems doomed to use Android.

@jeff we are here to change things 😎 hope more people join our vision! @epifn

@epifn @Ubports I'd love to give it a try, but I have a Nexus 6. RIP :cry_konata:

@geekygent @Ubports it's a Nexus 4. Not the fastest device, but it's the one I had lying around.

@hurt138 yes, it's Ubuntu Touch running on a Nexus 4.

@waldbursche @Ubports a part of me misses the freedom to install browser addons like ad blockers, though.

@epifn @UBports This part of you should feel free to became a developer for #ubuntutouch 😊

@waifu @Ubports @epifn Looks like everything is tracking device nowadays. 😁

@Mac_CZ @Ubports that's from 2015 and it's the reason many people stopped using Unity.

@Mac_CZ @UBports @epifn a article from 2015, they already recognized it was a error, at least ubuntu touch is community driven they try to give us a alternative to android or ios.

"Ubuntu is an open source software operating system. This means that everyone has access to the source code and change, distribute or copy it. That makes it impossible to install software backdoors."
@epifn @UBports welcome to the ubuntu tracking device lmao

use real linux
@UBports @epifn so why didn't you fork debian? why Ubuntu?

@lucy simply because it was easier to start from what was already done with Ubuntu Touch by Canonical than starting something completely new @epifn

@epifn @Ubports
Congrats tvfe. So jealous! Ready to install on Nexus 6P whenever @UBPorts have a build ready.

@epifn @Ubports Wish I could do that. How well does Linux work on a touchscreen.

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