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In China, "artificial intelligence that identifies people by their body shape & the way they walk," even without seeing faces, is on the rise, reports @ZhouMarrian.

Without proper regulation, this can happen anywhere.

Original tweet:

RT The term "Black Friday" was coined by retail workers to describe the worst working day of the year. It became a celebration of abusing retail workers.

Unrestrained capitalism ruins everything.


How do you add an emoji in your title account? Using its tag name did not work.

Point at equal distance to three lines at the intersection of their angle bisectors.

Points at equal distance to two lines are located in their Angle bisector.

Les alternatives sont nombreuses et préxistantes à github.

C'est comme le choix des langages de programmations. A l'époque ou Java n'était pas libre, j'ai pas fait ce choix, et maintenant...

The translation of @drgeo needs some love. There are still only 30 messages to translate to be completed.

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