Just did a maintenance release of DrGeo 19.03b. Built with the newer Pharo7.0.2 image. Hopefully Mac OS X issues are gone.

@emilian Yes, since years I was building .app from the my linux box, but now I have issue. Will see...

@emilian Yes, build server is nice, but I don't have the human resource to setup and to maintain it. My problem now is to get a working Mac OS X bundle, I don't have Mac OS machine at home. GNU/Linux and Windows bundles are fine, thought. Yes it is , it is an incredible programming language and environment.

@emilian It's temporary to test if this Mac OS X bundle is functional. I now know it is not...

Supporting free software by the action:
GNU @drgeo needs some love in its European native languages translation. Check out translate.drgeo.eu
Please forward!

Dr. Geo needs some love to it in your native . Please check translations.launchpad.net/drg and see if you can help a bit. can be done after registering to Launchpad.

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