#ffmpeg is a nice tool, but doesn't have a progressbar. It just shows what it's doing by endlessly printing text lines!

How about a progressbar? And without dependencies?

There are ways, but you have to install extra dependencies. I made a #bash #script that doesn't require anything except bash:

➡️ notabug.org/adnan360/code-back

@fantazo In the other Profiling this build script will be an opportunity to optimize some part of @drgeo

@fantazo Not using @drgeo will help a lot because there is a lot of overheat to build the interactive sketch: each point and line is a morph...
Using directly BitBlt primitive will do the job faster, while non interactive.

@fantazo Indeed, but to construct an interactive DrGeo sketch. Hum, when I wrote Cuis is fast, it is compared to Pharo. In absolute likely not.

Rendering quality of is not a joke. Below side by side rendering of the same @drgeo sketch.
own graphic engine, then @pharoproject (Cairo backend)

I am looking for design idea for the new @drgeo on . I explored the idea of circular toolbar. I want a GUI both for mouse and pen. Share your thoughts, ideas, pointers, references, whatever. Thanks.

"The Cuis Book" is a new book for beginner to learn #CuisSmalltalk
The chapter 7 is dedicated to the new Morphic 3 system using the vector graphics engine.
Please review and share!

@ckeen @krono In Linux I am very happy with Peek application. There is a Debian package of it.

What graphics free software you use the most? Please help me share.

#freesoftware #opensource

@l3g0b0y@fosstodon.org use vectors and Chasles relation

@amdt I started with Squeak, then Pharo for many years, and now I am using Cuis. Cuis is a craftsman job: clean, coherent and easy to understand. Its GUI Morphic has been vastly redesigned to be coherent and much easier to use. I like it very much. There is the VectorGraphics system written in Smalltalk (no external library). See my recent post on the experimental circular toolbar.

@lupyuen do you have an outstanding example to share?

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