@drgeo translations in European languages need some love. Translation is done on-line with Canonical's launchpad.
Please review it at translations.launchpad.net/drg
@fsfe @fsf

Translators, readers, pick up your native language.
Translations : Dr. Geo II

Left over on porting to Pharo 7 stream requires a new @drgeo release. Should be good then..

Find another use for inject:into: message to construct a spiral elementary pattern. Fun with programming with @drgeo and @pharoproject

Do you know the method (also called method) to calculate a square root? Approximate a square with a sequence of rectangles.
Read more at revue.sesamath.net/spip.php?ar @pharoproject

Published on @Sesamath, the French Mathematician teachers association. It talks and codes about @pharoproject and

Please give a shot for English, Portuguese, Catalan, Czech, Asturian, Italian, Korean, German, Slovak. There are only a few messages to before incoming release.


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