@ckeen @krono In Linux I am very happy with Peek application. There is a Debian package of it.

What graphics free software you use the most? Please help me share.

#freesoftware #opensource

@amdt I started with Squeak, then Pharo for many years, and now I am using Cuis. Cuis is a craftsman job: clean, coherent and easy to understand. Its GUI Morphic has been vastly redesigned to be coherent and much easier to use. I like it very much. There is the VectorGraphics system written in Smalltalk (no external library). See my recent post on the experimental circular toolbar.

@lupyuen do you have an outstanding example to share?

, the bugs can't resist to live programming and its debugger 😃

@lupyuen In the old time of Acorn Archimedes/ARM2ARM3, one can code asm directly within the BBC Basic. It was gorgeous.

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