Dr. Geo needs some love to it in your native . Please check translations.launchpad.net/drg and see if you can help a bit. can be done after registering to Launchpad.

Finally offer some more choice on angles, geometric or oriented.

Point at equal distance to three lines at the intersection of their angle bisectors.

Points at equal distance to two lines are located in their Angle bisector.

We are please to announce the @drgeo release 18.06. It follows the release 17.07 in July 2017.
A large part of the effort was to port Dr. Geo from the 3 to Pharo 7 development environment. In addition to usual bug fixes several features were added. drgeo.eu/news/drgeorelease1806

This one is damn slow to compute with @drgeo 👎 . The truth is does not only paint it but build its model, and and a lot is happening underneath like avoiding building duplicated objects (so the more there are objects the slower it is). However there are still room for optimizations... but nothing to complain on @pharoproject

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