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😵 ok yes I understand why people believe in alien abductions 🛸 I think I might too if I saw this. twitter.com/mcdonaldobs/status

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Please RT: (Full) Prof of Data Science and Statistical Learning at University of Limerick: just a month left until the extended closing date for this important post in our department (21 Aug 12:00 Irish time). See ul.ie/hrvacancies for details, keyword: data

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Register now for the workshop "Empathic mentoring for socially conscious academics," being held tomorrow, July 17! It will provide attendees tools to be better mentors, focusing on how to connect with students & make positive impacts on their lives. go.aps.org/2WnFFZu

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PhD available for applicants from UK or France to work on macroporous piezoelectric materials at Bath and Tours.


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Great opportunity for a PhD on a very exciting topic on @IfanStephens@twitter.com ERC grant on N2 reduction with a creat combo of supervisors! twitter.com/IfanStephens/statu

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Got this shot of a mud-dauber flying back to her nest. It's ok, but I have a lot of these in my yard, they're pretty predictable, so I might be able to do better if I keep at it.

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Trump’s campaign manager is a felon.
His deputy campaign manager is a felon.
His national security advisor is a felon.
His foreign policy advisor is a felon.
His personal lawyer is a felon.
His long time advisor is a felon.

It’s not a campaign, it’s a criminal enterprise.

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This Thursday, 9th July at 17:00 CEST we welcome Nobel laureate Bill Phillips, of JQI, NIST, and the University of Maryland, who will give Quantum Science Seminar 12, on "A New Measure: the quantum reform of the International System of Units" quantumscienceseminar.com/sche .

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Chacun aura son avis sur la publicité pour la marque de @VanMoof@twitter.com qui a été rejetée par l'Autorité de régulation professionnelle de la publicité...


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Did you know that 🇨🇿 has the densest network of in the world? 🌍 There are approximately 5,410 public libraries 📚 in Czechia – or one library for every 1,900 inhabitants, four times more than the European average and 10 times more than in the .

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How the Netherlands are following their Covid-19 infections in real time coronadashboard.rijksoverheid. soon to cover all their wastewater, which has been shown to be somewhat predictive of "undetected" infections @Keir_Starmer@twitter.com @BorisJohnson@twitter.com @Google@twitter.com will translate...

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Free online course: Take a fascinating look into bugs, brains, neuroscience and the interaction of animals with the environment, with @UniOfYork@twitter.com online course: ow.ly/pTbJ50Ab7f9 🌱🧠🐞

La question elle est vite répondue... le côté moins drôle : youtu.be/OuMK8j0hTVs via @YouTube@twitter.com

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It's time we all say, no, shout this: "Building larger particle colliders has run its course. It has today little scientific return on investment, and at the same time almost no societal relevance". By @skdh@twitter.com in @sciam@twitter.com scientificamerican.com/article (1/2)

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▪️ 18-06 6pm CET
▪️A live-streamed guided tour of Villa Winternitz in Prague with @AGebrian@twitter.com
▪️As a part of @LFArchitecture@twitter.com in cooperation with @CzechCentreLnd@twitter.com @Ceska_centra@twitter.com @MALLtelevize@twitter.com
▪️Join: bit.ly/Loos150
@DOCOMOMOBelgium@twitter.com @modernistmag@twitter.com @ArchDaily@twitter.com

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Please RT! Independent Group Leader Position in Collective Behaviour at @CBehav@twitter.com @unikonstanz@twitter.com to employ our cutting-edge 3D tracking technology to study cognition, social learning, individual and collective sensing/decision-making etc. nature.com/naturecareers/job/i

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