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Central forces that decay as 1/r² are special, as they guarantee that all bound orbits are going to be closed (Bertrand's theorem).
Small changes in the power will lead to significantly different kind of orbits.

Depuis aujourd'hui, autorisation est donnée en CZ de pratiquer du sport seul sans masque, ainsi que de se balader dans la nature sans masque. Premier séance de course de l’année pour fêter ça.

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A look into number of planes currently flying all over the world

Wait for it...

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Amid all the worrying news, this made me smile. Glorious.

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Job opportunity in my team @NatureComms@twitter.com. Looking for an editor to cover nanodevice physics and engineering with focus on 2D materials. This is a device-oriented role, so I am looking for someone with a strong engineering mindset and expertise in 2D (opto-)electronics. Link below.

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A PhD position to carry computational study and design of layered perovskites for energy applications is available at @theochem_ISCR@twitter.com (@chimie_ISCR@twitter.com, @UnivRennes1@twitter.com) to work with @g_volo@twitter.com and myself.
More positions available on the group website: iscr.univ-rennes1.fr/job-offer.
Please RT!

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Appliquant l'article 40 du Code de procédure pénale, trois élus parisiens ont adressé à la justice un signalement contre le @prefpolice@twitter.com de Paris pour «mise en danger de la vie d’autrui» et «propos injurieux ou diffamatoires». Par @p_pascariello@twitter.com @Mediapart@twitter.com mediapart.fr/journal/france/04

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Are contact tracing apps able to get us out of the crisis? A thread. 1/12

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Spoke to my beautiful friend last night - a lung doctor in the nhs. She said, while its a lovely gesture, instead of just clapping please could you just never ever vote conservative again.

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Les excuses de ne suffisent pas. Ses propos sont une insulte aux milliers de victimes, de malades, aux familles endeuillées. Parce que la France est encore une démocratie, il doit être démis de ses fonctions.

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Time for a weigh-in! Keepers routinely weigh our penguins to monitor their health. The birds are accustomed to the scale and some are a little ambitious about being weighed.

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"You are not working from home; you are at your home during a crisis trying to work."

I've heard this twice today. I think it's an important distinction worth emphasising.

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Schedule for April 1 online workshop on machine learning work addressing organized by , available at ellis.eu/covid-19

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Today the cherry blossom in Kyoto came into full bloom. They have been tracking this day of the year since the year 812. You can thus see the recent influence of climate change on the full blossom day.

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🚨 Cool Job Alert!! 🚨

To properly respond to and the challenges it brings @UNICEF@twitter.com is looking to hire

- 2 x Research scientists unicef.org/about/employ/?job=5

- 1 x Data Engineer unicef.org/about/employ/?job=5

Come join and help make the world a better place!🌎🌍🌏

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.@CEITEC_Brno@twitter.com has started testing samples of people suspected of , which are delivered to its laboratories from @FNBrno@twitter.com collection tents. This will strengthen the capacity in the region by up to hundreds of samples per day! twitter.com/muni_cz/status/124

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Anyone want some great-looking mathematical reading? It’s free too. twitter.com/AlexKontorovich/st

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I just heard the sad news that my colleague Phil Anderson passed away this morning. A giant of 20th century , he changed how we think about so many things. At 96, he was coming to work most days, and still inspiring us all.

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